Investment Management


Appropriate asset allocation is one important factor needed to help you reach your financial goals.  At Castle Wealth Advisors LLC we will review your overall situation and goals.  We start by reviewing and analyzing your current plan and investments (from the amount of risk that you are exposed to performance and fees).  

Then Castle Wealth Advisors LLC will make recommendations tailored to your goals and needs while keeping your risk profile in mind.  When constructing our recommendation we will factor in your outside accounts, real estate holdings and other investments.

Quarterly performance reports are sent from Schwab Institutional.  Castle Wealth Advisors LLC will also preform quarterly reviews with our clients either in person, via Skype or over the phone.

As your life changes and as needed from our reviews we will make changes to your plan and investment strategy.  Castle Wealth Advisors LLC wants you to be partners in the monitoring, implementing and management of your accounts, that's why we do not place discretionary trades.  We will call and discuss with you any changes we feel is needed in your accounts prior to making them.  (Please note, that should you elect to use third party money managers they may place discretionary trades).

Services Include:

  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Brokerage Accounts 
  • IRA, Roth IRA, & Other Retirement Accounts
  • Trusts
  • Fixed Income, Bonds, & Cds
  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETFs & Unit Investment Trusts
  • Professional Third Party Money Mangers
  • Fixed & Variable Annuities
  • Life Insurance & Long Term Care
  • Structured Settlements
  • 529 College Savings
  • Charitable Giving Accounts