Divorce can be a complicated and stressful time with many financial questions and consequences.  Many find it helpful to have a knowledgeable financial advisor to help navigate through the challenges of divorce while building a solid financial strategy for their lives post divorce. We work with individuals prior to and after divorce to help them find stability and gain a true perspective of their individual financial goals and needs.  

We develop plans and help clients to implement investment strategies that allow our clients to:

  • Maintain a healthy budget
  • Generate income
  • Child support
  • Provide educational assistance to their children
  • Plan for their retirements
  • Provide for their families needs
  • Understand and create their own estate plans

Castle Wealth Advisors LLC, also works with divorced parents who are considering a second marriage to discuss and help them and their partners to have an open discussion regarding the financial changes they will experience when marrying again.  

We work with individual and couples considering re-marriage to:

  • Set a family budget
  • iscuss retirement planning and income
  • Discuss pre-nuptial agreements
  • Create and update estate plans